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I read Shakespeare’s play called King Lear during my student years.


I could straight away relate to one of the main characters in this play.


Cordelia, the youngest of King Lear’s three daughters, is banished from receiving any inheritance as she refuses to profess her love to him in return of land.


She is honest when she tells her father, “I love your majesty according to my bond, no more nor less”.
Cordelia is capable of differentiating love from property.


She is banished and sent to exile for being honest.


At the end, she dies heart-broken while nursing her old and sick father who is thrown out of the palace by other two older sisters.


I relate to this character, Cordelia, as she faces injustice and is treated wrongly by her own people for being honest.


I relate to her also because she is the youngest sibling and does not want to profess her love to her father in order to attain land in return.


She loves him unconditionally and selflessly as a daughter should do.


Cordelia, to me, signifies selfless love, maturity, honesty and integrity.